August 2, 2011

Impressions of KLIAV 2011 Part II

Let's continue on our tour of KLIAV 2011:

Soundtech from the North (Kedah) brought in the single-driver, high-efficiency Rethm loudspeakers from India, paired with Accuphase

Audiomatic's Bladelius electronics with Marten loudspeakers

AVP Soundcraft's Simaudio driving German Physiks loudspeakers. The German Physiks Limited 11 (the smaller ones) were packing in a real wallop when playing the solo drum track from Sheffield Lab's Drum and Track CD
Unison Research, VTL and Focus Audio in A&L Audio Station's room
Elac loudspeakers of Germany paired with Unison Research electronics of Italy
BAT and Joseph Audio in Acoustic Arts' room

A very classy system put together by CMY consisting Clearaudio, Metronome, Jeff Rowland and Dynaudio
The Clearaudio Master Reference turntable, Universal tonearm with Titanium v2 cartridge and TT2 tonearm with Goldfinger V2 (mc) cartridge

The complete Electrocompaniet system

Atoll and Xavian XN360 loudspeakers which use the very high quality Revelator series of drivers from Scanspeak

The beautiful Sonus Faber Cremona series displayed by Perfect HiFi

More to come...

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