August 3, 2011

Impressions of KLIAV 2011 Part III

More from KLIAV 2011:

Simaudio with Verity Audio Rienzi loudspeakers in one of AVP Soundcraft's room

Nagra with another pair of Verity Audio loudspeakers, I did not note the model

Audio jewellery, aka eye-fi, by Nagra.
I think Nagra produces some of the most exquisite looking yet purposeful hifi gears around
Voodoo cables that are very well constructed

Monitor Audio loudspeakers mixed with hifi from China - B&W lookalike from Mistral and electronics from Cayin and Spark

Absorbers from Vicoustic in Ultimate Reference's room
More acoustic treatment from Vicoustic

Revel, Mark Levinson and Dream Vision projector in Clarity MP's display
The huge JBL loudspeakers are quite a contrast to the mini-sized Bel Canto Design equipment in Flagship AV's room

Here are some equipment that will appeal to the i-generation. They look good and they sound good for the money. I'd definitely choose them over some mini-compo. If some i-generation guys and gals later go looking for even better sound, we'll have a pretty healthy growth in the audiophile community already (witness what affordable D-SLRs have done to get the younger generation into photography).

iPod dock from Geneva Sound System, don't they look cool?

Wireless audio from AudioPro in the 2 photos above. The dongle attached to the notebook is a DAC and wireless transmitter, the music signal is received and played through the loudspeakers

Wireless audio adapters from Audioengine
USB audio / iPod dock from Peachtree that have garnered quite some praises in the hifi press

More to come...

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