August 21, 2011

Old and New at CMY

Vinyl fans now have more to look out for when they visit CMY. CMY has added used LPs to its software section at its main showroom in Sungai Wang and its branch in Damasara Uptown.

The music software section of CMY Damansara Uptown. The used LPs are neatly kept in drawers, there are hundreds to choose from

The other thing I found interesting was the mini hifi from BRIK, a Taiwanese outfit. The 4-model strong line-up in CMY consists of a DAC, a phono stage, an integrated amplifier, and an internet radio. What's gonna be attractive to someone just starting out or someone looking for a small system for the kids will be the price - each unit apprently comes in at the sub-RM1k point.

The BRIK components contrasted with a CD, see how mini they are?

I took a short listen at the BRIK internet radio. All you need is an internet connection, either wired or WIFI, and you will have access to thousnads of radio stations globally. The choices are mind boggling. We played a few BBC and American stations into Jeff Rowland pre-power and a pair of ProAc loudspeakers, overkill admittedly, but the sound quality was pretty damn good!

The BRIK internet radio

To check them out, please call CMY Damansara Uptown 03-77272419.

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