August 29, 2011

The Passing Of A Hifi Ambassador "Sub" Par Excellence, The Late Victor Wong.

Hifi buddies! From Left, Chan & Eng of Sound Precision, Erik Goh & Unker Vic(in red), bloggers of H1F1 Pandemic. This picture was taken at the KLIAV 2010.

In case you're wondering, the Ambassador "Sub" Par Excellence pun on the tittle was truly meant to be intended! As you shall read on.

I received the sad news about the passing of Victor Wong, otherwise popularly know as Unker Vic, to those dear to him, yesterday morning. Just who is Unker Vic if you have to ask?

I came to know Unker Vic since 2003 when I applied for a KLANS(Kuala Lumpur Audio NutS) Internet forum membership. Unker Vic, the forum moderator, swiftly responded to my enquiry and vetted my entry requirements. The very next day or so, I was at his place listening to his hifi set up with a pair of stereo subs. It was an amazing system that's worth many times it's "sonic"(as Unker Vic used to say!) returns for what little investment that he had put in. It was early days yet for the both of us, I was a green horn, hifi young turk, just starting my journey in to high end dome. An experienced Unker Vic was just starting his investigative journey, that would lead to his obsession with sub woofers and it's integration black arts in to high end hifi system.

Many a young turks, I am sure, like my self, have been  indoctrinated similarly in to the world of high end hifi by this passionate hifi ambassador. He would share his hifi contacts, knowledge and wisdom with us newbies without hesitation. Along the way Unker Vic added more subs to his hifi arsenal, last heard thru the grape wine, he had 10 subs firing inside his 10 x 7 ft listening room with amazing results to boot!(I know, I know, it sounds absurd, all that SPL in that tiny room!) which I did not, and will probably not get the chance to experience.

Over the years, I've shared many light hearted moments with Unker Vic over our favourite Nasi Lemak, Beef Rendang mamak store near his place, followed by a demo of his latest servo clock tweak, or yet another sub woofer addition. I can't say it was a celebration every time, nor do I exactly agree with all his ideas, but we always knew where we stand and for that, he'll will always have my deepest respect.

Ever the person of un-conventional ideas, mostly deemed controversial amongst the conservative high end circles, which has not endeared many to his hifi actions and thoughts. However Unker Vic is not a vengeful person, his passion for great sound and pictures(he's quite an accomplished photographer too, championing the use of Olympus 4/3 lens system over more conventional products) carries him with thru dignity and pride, never losing sight of his goals to accomplish the next level of attainable performance. 

The Malaysian hifi and photography scene will surely miss Unker Vic's enthusiastsm, vigour and passion.


Ken said...

I have known Vic for more than 10 yrs during my time at KLANs.

Vic has a "unique" setup which may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Lastly, Vic, RIP.

OdioSleuth said...

It is sad that Uncle Vic is no longer with us. Our hifi scene will be less colourful with his absence.

Rest in peace, Uncle Vic.

GadgetBuzzer said...

Rest in peace, Uncle Vic.