August 6, 2011

Ready For The World

Being the busy bodies that we are, we went to watch the final rehearsal of Pop Pop Music's showcase "The Jazzy Sounds of Teresa Teng" (sold out 2 weeks ago!) today at the Brown, Black and Blue studio in Desa Sri Hartamas in early part of the afternoon and later in Bentley Music Auditorium.

My Goodness. Mr. Tay Cher Siang's (From JZ8) mastery in arrangement is simply amazing. He manages to breathe new life into many well-sung Teresa Teng classics. There's plenty of grooves and rhythms in some of the songs, allowing vocalist Winnie Ho (of 2V1G) rooms to improvise, scat and ad-lib. Even veteran guest singer from Taiwan, Lynn Lee Yun Ling was nodding in full agreement. This is Teresa Teng at its most creative form. We think Chris Bibada, who recently produced Lily Chen "Teresa Teng Live" audiophile album would love to listen to Tay Cher Siang's arrangement and learn a trick or two!

Later in Bentley Music Auditorium, it was Roger Wang's turn to practice. His solo acoustic version of "The Moon Speaks For My Heart" is worth a million dollars. Sensitive, sparse, romantic and touching, again, with Lynn clapping in admiration. She said to us: "Very few Chinese pop guitarists can do what Roger Wang does. He came from a fresh angle. Totally unaffected by how BIG the song is. This is marvelous rendition!"

A big supporter and famous blogger Malaysia Finance Blogger told us before he left the rehearsal: "They are ready for the world". Somehow, we agree.

Myself, Big E, Odiosleuth are gonna witness tonight how Tay Cher Siang, Winnie Ho and Roger Wang are going to show the capacity crowd what Malaysian musicians are capable of!

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