August 23, 2011

Static Magneto, Walker Audio Talisman.

"Tweaks, can't live without em". Said the fellow audiophile who told me to try this, a Walker Audio Talisman. It seems like some kind of of a system demagnetiser, Walker Audio calls it a magnetic optimizer. A read thru the manual suggest that it could be used to demagnetise all kinds of disc based music software, like LP and CD, but not magnetic tapes, or in my case flash drives! There's also caution not to use it on top of sensitive electronic equipment, like a modern pre-amp with chip based remote control facility. Otherwise, I guess it is save to use the Talisman on stuff like speakers, CD players, power amps and cables, especially power cords! Apparently, the effects of the Talisman only last one session, which is fine if you don't like the post treatment results. Should you like the results it brings to the sonics, you'll have to make it a part of your system power up ritual.

I didn't have the time to try much, except on a few items. First, I tried on an LP, the instruction manual cautions about doing this on the left side of your turn table, away from your expensive MC cartridge! Post Talisman treatment, I noted that the particular LP, a Jon Bon Jovi album, New Jersey, had taken on a harsher, dryer, if some what more dynamic sound. Clicks and pops seemed more prominent too! I am not sure why, but I certainly much prefer the more permanent effects of the Milty Zerostat 3 gun, which is my usual static treatment, if required. If this does not seemed good at all, I also happened to noticed many high end audiophiles who use the Talisman for their LP static treatments. YMMV is certainly at play here.

The Walker Audio Talisman is a demagnetiser of some sort, with various magnets of different polarities and strength lined up inside.

Next, I tried the Talisman effect on my PMC Fact 8 speakers, which the manual cautions to do the treatment about half an inch over the drivers with the speaker silent, i.e. no music should be playing at the time of treatment. Post treatment result on the speaker is a whole lot more positive this time. I heard subjectively improved scaling of dynamic range, and better focus of instrument placing, and more stable vocalist mouth. It's quite a feast for the vocal fetish ed audiophile.
This is the underside(treatment side) of the Talisman, the magnets are covered by a layer of thick static velvet material.

Next, I tried it on my audio interconnects right after the speaker treatment. The post treatment result suggest similar improvements of the very same qualities noted earlier, mostly even more dynamic scaling capabilities, both on the micro and macro side, accompanied by markedly etched imaging qualities, with very strong and hardened out lines. At this point, I think I might have gone over board with the powers of the Talisman. The good thing is, the effects only last a session, and by the end of the 2 hour listening session, the effects of the Talisman over done appeared to have been reduced. By the next session, everything was fine and dandy again!
My interconnects receiving the Talisman treatment, just move the it along the cable surface in an side to side motion, from start to end point following the signal direction.

The Walker Audio Talisman cost RM$750.00 a piece. I think using the Talisman at some point in the audio chain will prove useful, but to use it all over may be too much of a good thing. Like all good things, moderation is key. I very much liked the effects of the Talisman treatment over my speakers, and it is easy enough to incorporate as a system power up ritual without much fuss. Like the fellow audiophile who told me to try this, I'd like to add a bit more, "try the Talisman at your own risk!"

Walker Audio is sold by Acoustic Arts, contact Lawrence at 03-80235708.

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