August 8, 2011

Take It To The World! The Jazzy Sound Of Teresa Teng Concert.

The Hifi-Unlimited team was out in full force to support ML's latest concert series, The Jazzy Sound Of Teresa Teng. Hifi Maverick, Odiosleuth and Moi(Big E) was among the many familiar faces of the hifi circle. The concert, held in the 400 seat Bentley Auditorium was packed, and the crowd energy was overwhelming in the atmosphere.

The music and performance is first rate, and this time, Winnie Ho can truly held her head up high as she worked the crowd with her heartfelt renditions of the Teresa Teng classics. The music arrangement was anything but classic, which is not surprising, with Maestro Tay Cher Siang reworking all the tunes brilliantly. It was still purely Teresa Teng in spirit, but yet the presentation of the tunes is nothing like you've heard from the great Terasa herself. I know, because I was listening to all my Teresa Teng classic CDs in the week leading up to the concert! For the concert, the Maestro has made it jazzy with a twist.

I won't spoil the fun for the next batch of people attending the 2nd showcase on the 14th October 2011(tickets still available, if you're still thinking about it, better hurry!) and spill the beans in detail, but suffice to say, the concert is definitely worth spending your time and money to attend.

Here are some pictorials for the night!

From left: Pop Pop Man, Leslie Loh a.k.a. ML, Rocky and Missus.

Moi and Roger Wang!

Bentley Auditorium has reasonably good acoustics and is well suited for events like this concert.

Winnie was going thru wardrobe changes the whole night.

Winnie doing sexy yet flirtatious flings with the audience! One could see that as she sung, she was going thru an emotional roller coaster ride herself, taking us along with her. She laughed, she cried, and she felt like a winner!

Winnie and Roger, doing the strip down girl, guitar thing.

Three divas! From left: Guest artist Lynn Li Yun Ling, Winnie and Z Yan in red!

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