September 23, 2011

Official Launch of TAD's Complete System

TAD, or Technical Audio Devices, is Pioneer's subsidiary focusing on supplying high fidelity audio equipment to the professional world and the highend audiophiles.

Products bearing that 3-letter name have impressed us tremendously, including the TAD-D600 SACD/CD player and the TAD-C2000 pre-amp. We had the good fortune of getting loan units to listen in our own systems and I hope our lucky star continues to shine, so that a couple more TADs will come our way.

TAD's product line is finally complete. One can now put together an entire hifi chain with all TAD equipment. All the products, from digital frontend to loudspeakers, are now available in Malaysia. This complete TAD line-up was showcased in the TAD official launch in Malaysia held by Pioneer Malaysia and AV Designs in the latter's showroom.

The complete TAD system...

consisting of (from top to bottom) TAD-D600 SACD/CD Player (RM129,000), TAD-D600's power supply, TAD-C2000 pre-amp (RM128,000), TAD-M2500 poweramp (RM115,000)...

...and the TAD Compact Reference loudspeakers (RM148,000)

Mr. Low of AV Designs kicking off the listening session

A section of the attendees listening intently

Mr. Kazutoshi Takahashi, MD of Pioneer Malaysia, was on-hand to field questions from the hifi scribes

Here, he was talking to our very own Big E and Lam of Hi-fi Avenue

One for the album. Mr. Kazutoshi with a section of the Malaysian hifi bloggers

The sound from the TAD system was smooth and musically very inviting no matter the music genre, from vocal to classical to rock, as was heard in the demo session.

The complete TAD system can be auditioned at AV Designs now. Contact James Tan at 03-21712828.

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