September 20, 2011 Event, CAS Introductory Session For Forum Members.

Over the weekend, CMY Audio & Visual at Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara branch graciously hosted the Hifi4sale CAS Introductory Session for forum members numbering to nearly 30 by head count. The session conducted in 2 parts started off with the forum administrator, who wishes to remain anonymous, demonstrating the differences between the PC based and a Mac based CAS setting up parameters and the resulting sonic differences.

Part 2 of the session fetures local hifi guru Jo Ki demonstrating the various isolation options available to take any CAS sonic performance to a higher level altogether. The key point of the day was not if any or each idea/implementation is superior, but rather those present are asked to witness and form their own conclusions, and perhaps even further explore on their own resources.

The session ended with a "Lucky Draw" where two lucky winners were allowed to pick up a CD each from CMY's music selection library.

I leave you with some pictures of the day!

Hifi4sale administrator(right), doing his PC vs Mac CAS demo session.

Jo Ki takes over and furthers the concept.

Jo demo-ing various isolation options which raised more than a few mind boggling questions!

I spotted this neat system on demo in CMY Audio & Visual, Sunway Giza Mall branch.

This Audio Pro LV-3 wireless powered speaker caught my fancy, because it looked really pretty, and reminded me of the ol' Bose 501 speaker from the 70's!

The Audio pro LV-3 is supplied as a mirror image pair. That means both speakers require it's own power cord! However, no other wires are required since this baby works with a wifi transmitter supplied.

This to add a little promo value for CMY's friendly and accommodating efforts.

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