October 9, 2011

EgglestonWorks Signature Models at Centre Circle Audio

With its Andra III revision, EgglestonWorks has substantially improved on the Andra's aesthetics and its driver technology. For the former, EgglestonWorks did it by adding an aluminium front baffle; for the latter, EgglestonWorks used carbon fibre as the material for the midrange drivers.

Now, the improvements in the Andra III are trickling down to the other models. EgglestonWorks recently announced Signature version of its Rosa and Fontaine models. Both Signature models have the same carbon fibre drivers first seen in the Andra III. They have arrived at Centre Circle Audio and are available for audition.

A close-up of the new carbon fibre midrange driver from Morel. The famous Dynaudio Esotar tweeter is retained

EgglestonWorks Rosa Signature front and back. List Price: RM48,000

The Rosa Signature sounded impressive during my short listen at Centre Circle Audio. Despite its relatively petite frame, the Rosa Signature could conjure up a big sound with a sizeable stage. It was also fast and impactful.

EgglestonWorks Fontaine Signature front and back. List Price: RM28,500

Contact Centre Circle Audio at 03-77282686 for an audition.

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