October 25, 2011

A Hifi Trio Visits London.

London is a melting pot of artistic culture and heritage, as befits it's world city status with an ole' world charm. It's also a place where many musical talents are waiting to be discovered. This group of hifi trio has been hoping to make this journey for some time now, as travel buddies. Group travelling allows us to discover the hidden personalities, that don't normally surface during usual interaction. It allows us to bond as buddies even more after a successfully accommodating trip. One can see why we're such great buddies, hifi or not!

Here are some snapshots for our memories.

HMV is now the world's largest music retailer(since the demise of Tower Records). We went and stuff our selves silly! All music related memorabilia and merchandise is available under one roof.

A chamber music ensemble playing some favourite baroque pieces beautifully, at Convent Garden performance square. All kinds of acts are available if one have the time.

David Osbourne is the Puncture Kit. He is one seriously talented drummer. Note how he mounts all the drum kits on to his bicycle so that he can take his act anywhere!

Home of St Martin In The Fields. This place normally features classical choir and orchestral acts, when it's not serving mass congregations.

Sir Nelson Pass, but this fella built no amps!

I remember this guy from years ago, when he gave my lady companion a scare! One can indeed earn a descent living from artistic expression, even as a mime!

The tradition is still alive and well. Felix got the scare treatment too!

Jo visits the EMI London office.

Other than music, the other most natural thing that audiophiles love is food! The trio caught here binging some fish & chips.

More glorious food! Three(Char Siew, Siew Yuk & Duck) roast rice anyone?

In the pub. Cheers Jo, fancy an ale?

What else was the trio up to in London? Stay tuned to find out.

Photos are courtesy of Felix and Big E.


Ken said...

My fave London haunt is Tottenham Court Road, the hifi area.

kiarch said...

Big E, I must admit that this would be one of the best trip I had so far. A good company packed with good fun, food and hifi, what else could a man asked for?

London was like a second home to me. I am glad it hasn't changed as much as I thought. Thank you ALL for the fabulous trip which I shall remember for a looooong time.

Now, when is the 'burned rice' outing?

Big E said...


It was an excellent trip for me too. Thanks to both your's and Felix kind tolenrances of my not so good side personality! Ha! Ha!

You guys rock!


I used to hang out a lot in Tottenham Court Road too, during my student days in London, mostly for the affordable hifi scene then. The shops there has mostly changed since my last visit a few years back, to mostly chain store operations, or the stack high, low priced shops now.

Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Hey Guys,

I had a blast! It was a fantastic trip. My tummy was either very full or cramped from laughing too much! Hahahaha...

Big E, What bad side? You only have one side and that's the generous side! :-)haha.... If its any consolation, I had fun with your "bad" side...

Jo, Thanks for taking the time to show us around the ropes of London. It made London a fantastic place for me.

And also thanks to the rest of the guys for making this trip such a memorable one. Let's do this again...:-)