November 10, 2011

PMC Presents, The British Music Experience!

The British Music Experience located in the O2 Arena, is a must attend attraction for "music lovers". It's a kind of music and pop culture museum meets interactive music workshop theme concept. The O2 Arena is also a place where happening concerts take stage. PMC certainly thought it was a cool place to entertain us, the hifi scribes and dealers worldwide.

As we enter, we're greeted by a generous music memorabilia and merchandise area. From there we enter a general zone where we're shown entertainment options available in Britain thru the post war years till present day. There are also interesting period rooms, ranging from the big band 50's to the flower power 60's, followed by the psychedelic 70's, then the progressive rock/punk 80's, and not forgetting the boy band and girl power 90's till the present day British music scene. Each room is filled with music, interactive counters, period costumes worn by famous artists of the time, complete with projection videos and lighting effects, to make it all a relevant experience!

This section shows the various television sets and programs available to Britain over the years.

The reception and bar area for the thirsty crowd.

There's also a dance booth, where one is given video instructions, on selected song dances popular over the decades. Remember the Saturday Night Fever moves, or the strangely familiar Macarena steps anyone?

However, the area where we spent most of our time in was the Gibson Interactive zone, where video tutorials are available via head phones ala recording studio style for any given musical instrument, mostly guitar, keyboard and drums. There's also a vocal recording booth available for those karaoke champions wannabe. We're thought to play/sing like a pro rocker and can choose to have our own performance recorded on to our own smart ticket which we can later decide if purchase the said recording is worth while. Here are some photos of us having fun!

Jerry Kuo, Editor In Chief from U-Audio Taiwan, having some guitar practice. 

Jo, recalling his experience at a recording console, remember Pop Pop Music's Love's Tapestry CD folks?

Felix going really deep in to his cords!
Now, who's this John Mayor wannabe? Think Ain't No Sunshine concert performance at the last guitar festival on Blu-ray!
The author going for some drum kit action.

Did Mark Knopfler forgotten his hair band? No, it's just James Tan from AV Designs, doing his "kamikaze" guitar hero thing!

After all the ruckus we made in the Gibson Interactive zone, it was time for some rock music concert, performed by The Tin Spirits along with some special guest.

Now, that was fun! You can visit the and do a virtual tour of the place, and in case you do visit London for leisure in the near future, do include it in to your visit itinerary.

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Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Big E,

The British Music Experience was a good experience and a nice place to visit.

Do not know about all the music maestro wanna be though.....FYI, I was in the middle of "Black Magic Woman" when you took that pic. least if you listen hard enough that is....hahahaha....

It was a blast. John Mayall looks the part! And I think it wasn't James of AV Design. Someone mentioned that Ken Watana-wanabe was in the house! Hahaha.....

What's the bassist doing on the drum set?