December 31, 2011

2011 Going Out with A Bang!

I think there isn't a more fitting way for us at Hifi Unlimited to bid farewell to 2011 than having an awesome listening session with an awesome system.

On the eve of the New Year's eve, AV Designs' James gamely carted his entire TAD system over for us to have a go. I also would like to thank JoKi, Felix, and Big E who came over to help with set up and listening.

The TAD Compact Reference loudspeakers were already playing in my room. To the TAD-CR1, we added the TAD-D600 SACD/CD player, the TAD-C2000 pre-amp and the TAD-M2500 power amp.

As usual, the TADs had to sit on the floor as I did not have the rack space. I also doubted my Finite Elemente Signature rack would take kindly to their total weight (circa 100kg). They sit prettily on the Finite Elemente Master Reference rack in AV Designs' showroom though.

On the floor, front - from left, TAD-M2500 power amp, TAD-D600 SACD/CD player, TAD-C2000 pre-amp

Didn't my place look like a TAD warehouse?

The TAD components were added one by one into the hifi chain. Putting in the TAD-D600 player added heft and scale. The sound became more sure-footed, more poised. Adding the TAD-C2000 preamp evinced a big jump to the system's overall performance. The sound opened up, with transparency going up a few notches; it also expanded in terms of frequency extension and soundstage dimensions. The fond memory of listening to the TAD-D600 - TAD-C2000 combo for the first time a few months ago came back with a vengeance. I was really enjoying myself.

However, TAD was not done yet. The coup de grace came when the TAD-M2500 power amplifier went in. After the initial warming up period, it took a grip on the proceedings and never let go (the TAD-M2500 is rated at 25ow/8ohms, double that into 4 ohms). Unlike some big amp I heard in the past that stamped their authority all over the place, like they were saying, "look at me, I am big!", the TAD-M2500 was most graceful instead. Quiet passages were handled with delicacy and fine strokes, but when the big ones came, the TAD-M2500 just followed suit, pumping up the sound like a big yet smooth V8. The total ease of this amplifier in dealing with any type of music was unnerving. Yes, 'total ease' would be the right words to describe the TAD-M2500.

What a way to close the curtain on 2011.



Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...


Happy New year!

The full TAD system in your room was quite an experience. AWESOME....with jaws on the floor. It is definitely a redefining experience for me.

I also like the way the TAD worked with your resident system.

And always humbling to watch Jo tidy up the whole shebang with his magic touch. It is really quite a humbling experience. I am still very amazed.

I hope your "lonely" CR1 will have its brethren join it soon. :-)Mean whil, Congrats!

Btw, nice music and great company.

Big E said...


It was a wonderful night, beffiting of a grand new years eve party, hifi style!

Near greatness hifi in the making, excellent music, and a few genuinely caring friends along the night makes an unforgetable evening.

It's nights like this, that I reference some of the best attributes in hifi music making, bring a knowledge or two home, and then try to incorporate those new found references in to my system's sound.

It's been a busy new years day for me, trying to bring out the best attributes of the full TAD system in to my system. Jo's sharring of listening inteligence has motivated me to do better with my hifi in the last 2 days.

Thanks you guys, for sharing your passion, and freindship.

Happy New Year!

Puchong wong said...

Shi xiong,

Life is hard,con happy happy luo !!
ha ha ha !!

jo ki said...

Dear Odiosleuth,

Thank you for the great evening of good music and great companies not forgetting the fantastic chocolate and ice cream from Felix!

TAD has proven its worthiness again defying physical strength of this standmount in a largish listening room of yours. When everything is design and done right, like the TAD, it is easy to get it to perform. However, as you are well aware, it is as easy for it to lose its magic when the set-up is compromised.

I enjoyed the TAD system in your listening room tremendously. It is a very 'complete system' which is easy for those with keen listening ears in recognizing it.

Good Stuffs! And congrats!!

Jo Ki

Puchong wong said...



OdioSleuth said...

Hi All,

Thanks for your effort and time to make the listening session possible!

Jo, your observation about the TAD-CR1 is spot on, they are very transparent and sensitive to anything done upstream. Your skill in set up to bring the best out of them is amazing. Thank you!

Looking forward to more listening sessions with friends like this one.

OdioSleuth said...

Puchong Wong


Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Odiosleuth, Puchong Wong,

Поздравляю на русском языке.


OdioSleuth said...


Thank you! ;-)