December 23, 2011

The Audio Store Grand Opening

We attended the opening of The Audio Store in Petaling Jaya last Saturday. There were good food, good company and good music.

True to its names, The Audio Store focuses on pure 2-channel audio only, with no AV component on show.

In the big demo room, the main system consists of Kuzma, Aesthetix and YG Acoustics:

Kuzma Stabi XL turntable...

...with Kuzma Air Line tonearm and an Air Tight cartridge

Aesthetix Romulus CD Player

Aesthetix Callisto Pre-amp

Aesthetix Atlas monoblock

The thicker-than-a-water-hose NBS loudspeaker cables

The YG Anat III Main Module

The back of the YG Anat III Studio Sub. It is active and has all the requisite subwoofer adjustments

In another, smaller, demo room, we have another system consists of Kuzma, Sutherland, NuForce, Aesthetix and YG Acoustics:

Kuzma Stabi Reference turnable

Air Tight PC-3 cartridge on a Kuzma 4Point tonearm

Sutherland phono stage

A NuForce CD player on the left and the power supply for the Kuzma turntable on the right

The YG Carmel loudspeaker

The Audio Store is also the distributor for NuForce:
NuForce P8S pre-amp on top, and the NuForce BDP-93 Xtreme Edition Bluray player below which is based on a Oppo player

NuForce Reference 18 monoblocks

Elsewhere, a pair of Wilson Audio WAMM can be seen on display:

Call Mr Aw or Antiq Low at 03-78872233 to arrange an audition at The Audio Store.

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