January 26, 2012

Best Music 2011.

We didn't do much tweak in 2011, so I decided to skip that section, but not without a mention about the Wave Kinetics A10-U8 Component Control System, which we found to give excellent results when used under digital front ends.

With that done, we move on to the more universal purpose of this hobby, to hear musical reproduction at it's finest, which we can't do without some fine music. Here are some of the finest music I've heard in 2011!
Mojo is a brilliant 80's rock album, now available in 24/48 digital downloads.

Mojo, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

I've re-discovered my rock music tendencies with hi rez digital down load files. Mojo, by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers remained on my frequent play list through out the year. Though sampling rate is a lowly 24/48, sound quality is more than excellent compared against some 24/96 files. This A&R friendly rock album is definitely Tom Petty's best yet!

Legands Of Jazz Showcase, with Ramsey Lewis.

Legends Of Jazz Showcase, with Ramsey Lewis.

This is a multi format release, featuring a DVD and CD in a box, for audio & visual demo delight. The performers invited by host Ramsey Lewis consisting of the "who's who" of modern jazz music, all performing in one jam packed session. Musical performances showcases various styles and sub genre of jazz. Both the DVD and CD presented a different angle to the same musical performance, which I enjoyed very much so.  
Best of Roger Wang, a.k.a Milestones 2000-2009 Collection.

Milestones 2000-2009 Collection, Roger Wang.

People give more credit to Roger Wang these days, compared to his early years, not that he did not deserve any of it. Here is a Milestone to mark Malaysia's most gifted guitarist for all his work in the last ten years or so. His musical journey, and with each passing track shows his maturing talent and musical growth while maintaining his technical prowess. He's quite the showman too, as witness by his various appearances on the Pop Pop Music label events. That shows here in this Milestone set on tracks taken from the Beyond Boundaries concert, performed in his home town Kota Kinabalu, with a 22 member ensemble backing his guitar to great effect. I can't wait for Roger's next Milestone Collection!

Trittico is an Audiophile favorite demo disc.

Trittico, Frederick Fennel conducting Dallas Wind Symphony.

Odiosleuth cued me on to this, big sound and dynamic presentation CD. A Prof. Johnson Digital Master Recording, the front artwork proudly says! The compositions in this CD are mostly easy to like 3 minute plus classical tracks, great for newbies just testing the water or the seasoned audiophile too. Imaging and stage scale is big if one has the room to contain the whole ensemble of the Dallas Wind Symphony, conducted by Frederick Fennel. Otherwise, just enjoy the dynamic roller coater swings that the music presents as a stress test to your system. Just one more thing, "Play this one LOUD!"   

This ends our Best Of 2011 verdicts. 2012 is already off to a good start as there's already queue formed in the hifi equipment reviews to come.

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