January 8, 2012

Le' Super Tango, Now On Demo. Only At CMY Audio & Visual, Damansara Up Town!

The Super Tango demo system at CMY Audio & Visual Up Town.

Franck Tchang's top flight speaker design, aptly called the "Super Tango" is now on demo, only at CMY Audio & Visual, Damansara Up Town showroom. I first spotted this speaker idle at the said showroom nearly 3 month's ago, but Chan, the showroom Manager told me that it had just arrived and they needed time to break in the pair of speakers before allowing them to be demo-ed. My dear readers, demo time is now!

Frnck Tchang's Super Tango speaker design has built in resonance control cups of various precious metal hidden inside the hull shaped box, said to be heavily braced for rigidity. Only one pair of these fine speakers has been allocated for Malaysia. Priced On Application Only.

The footers, more of Franck Tchang's secret tuning to achieve good sound!
The rear firing bass port and speaker binding post. The funny thing is that this speaker can be positioned close to rear walls and yet does not seemed to excite room modes.

I had a listening session of the Super Tango speakers with the following components that maketh a system. Soured by a 2 piece T2i Signature Metronome Technologie CD player, pre amp by JRDG Criterion and 301 mono block power amps. Cables are mix of Shunyata, Siltech and Franck Tchang's Liveline range.

This is a very special speaker, marked by it's energetic performance, which clearly mimics the transient response and dynamics of a "live" musical performance. Surround cues and location ambiance mood are faithfully reproduced, especially with "live" recordings, sounding life like and "you are there" sensation. When well set up, this is a speaker for sound staging and imaging freaks.

The Super Tango is also as transparent and as wide band width as modern speaker designs come. The combination of highly extended high frequency and super tight, deep bass never gives a dull moment. I enjoyed my tango with this pair of speakers. One could learn a thing or two about Tango too!

Just call Chan at 012-2873551 for a demo appointment.

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