January 12, 2012

Perfect HiFi@Amcorp Mall Now!

Perfect HiFi has just opened an outlet, their fourth, in Amcorp Mall, kinda considered, Malaysia's very own hifi mecca. The new outlet is located on the first floor, right next to the very familiar Asia Sound Equipment show room.
The latest Perfect HiFi showroom is located at 1st floor Amcorp Mall.

In line with the product ranges represented by Perfect HiFi, loud speakers from KEF, Sonus Faber are on display and demo, along with electronics from Pass Labs, Audio Analogue, EMM Labs round up their stereo goodies. Full Linn audio systems are also available for demo.
This Audio Analogue and Sonus Faber full Italian system offers some of the fullest most comfortable sounds on demo! One can also choose to listen to the full Linn system here. 

There are also various AV systems on display/demo here.

There are also various AV systems on demo to suit different budget and decor needs. From simple LCD/plasma display, HTiB(Home Theater in Box) systems to full 7.1 surround systems and wide screen projector based systems. 
This is the flagship room, where only some of the best are demo-ed. KEF Reference series speakers, Sonus Faber, Pass Labs and Emm Labs.

More display/demo items on the side.

The show room is cozy and one can spend time just listening to music for hours on any of the demo systems, especially, the main demo rig, consisting of Emm Labs CD player, Pass Labs pre/power amps and Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento stand mounted speakers. There are also Transparent and vDH cables on retail here too. A small collection of essential audiophile CDs are available.

Hey! Does this guy look familiar? That's because he is the very friendly Jepson Teoh!

The man in charge of this show room is non other than veteran Jepson Teoh, who can be contacted at 012-3930263 to arrange for demo appointments.


ahboy said...
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ahboy said...

i dropped by earlier, and frankly speaking, felt that i was not welcomed...i was looking around for a cheap and compact cd transport to put in my office, budget around RM1k+...

and so...just because my budget is small, i was being "judged"...when i subsequently enquired about the Kef X300A which was on display, and wanted to test the SQ, the salesman's facial expression was unexpected, and worse still, his response: this is rm3999, are you sure? he went on to comment that it sounds close to hifi-grade SQ, but for proper quality, need to position the speakers etc...he then took his own sweet time to locate, straighten the cable etc...to which i decided i was not going to test since his body language was hinting something to me...so i said "it's ok, no need to test"...and he pretended to be surprised...wtf?? i have more than enough space in my office room to put speakers on stands, and at a distance apart...you're judging me by my youthful looks that i'm just any other person looking for computer speakers, without proper space to setup optimum listening experience??

after that, i decided to decline pursuing the sound test, thanked him and walked out with clear decision never again to walk in to purchase anything in future...

is it wrong for walk-in customers to enquire and to request to test equipment?if it's not for testing, then why is it being put on display? why not just leave everything intact in the original packaging? without testing, how am I to know if I really want to buy it? many times I walk in to shops without intention to buy anything, but end up buying after testing and getting convinced by salesman about the product...sorry dude, your loss is my gain...i'll spend my money at other shops...

this is the first of many unpleasant encounters i have faced when dealing with audio equipment sales people...the other equally bad experiences were at Atlas (Bose) and CMY...i never trust online posts praising salesmen for being friendly and helpful etc, until i experience first hand...posts could have been made by friends of those salesmen with the intention to draw more prospective customers to the shops...

conclusion to my brothers here: give them the impression you have unlimited budget, and you will get the best treatment...give them the impression that you have limited your budget or not conclusively confirming intention to buy anything, you'll be treated like dirt

Big E said...


ahboy, I am sorry to hear about your lousy experience at Perfect HiFi.

You're right, only buy from people who treat you like a customer.

I am not trying to make any excuse for my self, however that friendly chap in this post called Jepson has not been working in Perfect HiFi since December 2012, due to health concerns.

So I am very sure I did not recomend the person who served you. I have no relations what so ever with Perfect HiFi or any other dealers represented in any of the articles here.

I make recomendations based on my own satisfactory pass experience when dealing with them. Your experience may vary.

ahboy said...

no prob Big E...just wanted to highlight my bad experience for other people to be aware of so that everyone can be "mentally prepared" when walking into the shop

it's sad how some of these shops have sales rep with bad attitude...and it's damaging towards the shops' reputation...

Jeff Chin said...

Don't think this will be your last unpleasant encounter with those snobbish hifi salesman. Sometimes I wonder who is the buyer.

Try Ivan Cheng of Norman Audio. Same o same o.