February 8, 2012

Centre Circle Audio Redecorated

Centre Circle Audio's showroom has long remained as one of the better decorated in the local scene. It has a homely feel and is a comfortable place to while away a few hours while auditioning their Hifi or home theatre setup.

Their showroom was re-decorated recently continuing on with the original theme. Their design ideas will translate pretty well into a domestic setting, in fact Centre Circle Audio also provides hifi / AV room design consultancy.

The reception area...

...which also incorporates a display of equipment...

...and a small selection of music and movie sofeware

Behind the reception area is the room for hifi auditioning, its acoustic treatment serves as tasteful and classy interior design too (Auralex diffusors on the ceiling and absorbers on the side walls, and custom designed wooden diffusor on the front and back walls)

The main hifi system on display

Custom hifi rack and amplifier stand from Centre Circle Audio, the veneer matches that on the Raidho loudspeakers on the right

The custom racks also come in wood and white veneer

Auralex acoustic treatment products displayed along a corridor

The main AV room

AV and Hifi equipment on the rack in the main AV room

Call Centre Circle Audio 03-77282686 to arrange a visit.

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