February 6, 2012

Kudos To Asia Sound Equipment.

Hot on the heels of Zu speakers, comes another brand called Kudos, sourced from the British side of the Atlantic pond. According to Eddie Tan, the Zu speakers attracted many enthusiastic enquiries, however the more affordable Kudos offers a lower priced entry point for music lovers just starting out on his/her hifi journey.

The full range of Kudos speakers are on demo in the Asia Sound Equipment showroom, located on Amcorp Mall's first floor.

The Kudos X2
The Kudos C2(middle) and C20(right) models, compared to the Rega speakers on the extreme left!
 For music lover on a budget, do check out these soulful sounding beauties!

For enquiries, do call Eddie Tan at 03-79552091.


Zaki said...

Err..the yellow tag behind....isnt that looking so much like Trikay's price tag? :)

Big E said...


Very observant!!! You must go back way then to recognise that logo.

It's Asia Sound Equipment demo-ing the Kudos sepakers, by the way!

Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

ASE is another company that many of us grew up with. Fond memories of auditioning some brands they carried. Glad to see them trudging on. Good stuff! :-)