February 25, 2012

Launch Event: When Liu Jia Chang Meets Lee Zong Sheng.

Pop Pop Music is puling all stops to make sure the concert of, When Liu Jia Chang Meets Lee Zong Sheng, the final part of their Chinese Oldies Revival trilogy a wild success. I was invited to the launch party just 2 days ago and was impressed by the enthusiastic Chinese press response, unlike before. This round, lead vocal Winnie Ho and highly accomplished music director Tey Cher Siang, will be joined by Ah Fei(Jeffrey Lim, part of 2V1G fame) and Worm Lee, the latest artist to join Pop Pop Music umbrella.

Leslie(ML, a.k.a. big boss of Pop Pop Music) believes the new mix and match of talents will bring new sensation to the up and coming concert, due to be held at the Bentley Music Auditorium, Mutiara Damansara, from 8pm - 10pm, on the 10th of March 2012.

Each artist were given a chance to express their new take on the classics by Liu Jia Chang & Lee Zong Sheng, once considered the godfathers of Chinese pop music, to be re-freshed with a twist of Jazz, Bossa and perhaps other Latin inspired improvisations even?

The core members of the team, from left, music director Tey Cher Siang, anchor vocal Winnie Ho, Worm Lee and Pop Pop Music boss Leslie.

Concerts are now a succesful revenue generating model for Pop Pop Music and the other local industry players are watching closely. Leslie expects new competition to follow suit, but he's confident about his "daring" business concept and superior talent pool under his management.

Regardless if one has experienced any of the previous Pop Pop Music concert series before or not, one thing is for sure, audiophiles(and music loving Malaysians in general!) need to attend more "live" concerts to enjoy music. I am sure we will all be better audiophiles and music lovers with more concert experiences. Remember the time 8pm, date 10th March 2012, and the place at Bentley Music Audiotorium.

It's less than 2 weeks away and I've been told that ticket sales are brisk. So act fast for a new concert sensation. See ya all!

Amendment 27th Febuary 2012: Kindly note that the above concert has been postponed! Please refer to Pop Pop Music blog link on the right panel for further info.

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