March 21, 2012

24bit/96KHz version is here!

Latest: ML has solved the hosting problem. Please try again!

ML just called me to inform that he has uploaded the latest high-res version of Winnie Ho's "Forgetting Him" into his own host server....

1) Please paste this link onto your browser
2) Let the download begin. Then right click to download the source into your pc drive.



PUG said...

Big E,

This album is pretty well recorded, and music arrangement is nice.

Maybe you should interview Leslie and do a write-up on how and where this album was recorded/engineered/mastered, the equipment used, the sound and mastering engineers, the musicians.

Also the process it has gone through to the final product.

This will be interesting and may help generate interest and sales too.

Big E said...


Great suggestion! Will check if ML is ready to spill the beans.