March 15, 2012

Free Download of One High Resolution Music File from 'The Jazzy Sounds of Teresa Teng'

I got an email from Leslie, head honcho of Pop Pop Music, today. Its header reads "Malaysia's First Ever FOC High-Res 96Khz/24bit FOC download". This must be music (pun intended) to the ears of those who have a CAS running.

Leslie says, "We are offering the first-ever FOC high-res (96 KHz/24 bit) download of ONE song from our latest album: Winnie HO "The Jazzy Sounds of Teresa Teng". Please help us to broadcast in your blog, for the benefits of your readers."

So there you go. The download instructions from Leslie are as follows:

1) please paste this link onto your browser

2) once the file is properly downloaded, right click on your mouse to save the source (a WAV file) onto your pc hard drive. depending on your browser, this service may be chargeable. For example, if you use Apple QuickTime, you need QuickTime Pro, which is chargeable. If you use Google Chrome, then this service is totally FOC.

I don't have a CAS so I can't benefit from this very nice gesture from Pop Pop Music. I am curious though to know the sound quality of the hi res track. So if you are one of the lucky ones who can play this in your system, please share some comments on your listening experience here.


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

Apologies: Due to a technical error made by our engineer in HK, this version is only 44.1KHz/16bit. We will upload the 96KHz/24bit very soon. Meanwhile, please enjoy!

mikelau.2 said...


Thought I'd borrow this space to post my reply here. I realised the thread would end with an unsuitable number with my reply. Hehe, I am not superstitious but Big E or OS may.

Just wanted to say you summed up very well. Cheers

Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Hi Mike,

That is very decent of you. I didn't even think of it. I think we all posted very well. It was instrumental in our understanding of things.


Sorry to hijack your thread but thanks for the download. I am enjoying it and can't wait for the 96kHz version!