March 10, 2012

Join Daico Low At Facebook.

Social networking is starting to take hold upon audiophiles. Recently a group of Asian high end members in the audiophile scene has signed up on facebook. They include some of most respected reviewers from Hong Kong and top Taiwanese audio rag Audio Art. Our very own Jo Ki and Puchong Wong are on the scene too.

Daico Low, boss of The Audio Store, is a well respected authority on all things vinyl. He has recently started an account to express his views on all things vinyl that any respectable audiophile, and music lover should or could have. Do check out his opinion on sound quality of various pressings or perhaps verify the origins and market value of your valuable LP collection. The only unfortunate thing is that, Daico Low only writes in Chinese! However if you ask politely, he may reply you in English, if required.

Many of the high end socialites are now on facebook, how about you?

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