March 25, 2012

KEF R Series Arrives! Now At Perfect Hi-Fi.

KEF's latest premium offering, the R series speakers have arrived and are now on demo in Perfect Hi-Fi. I spotted the interesting looking R 700, a pair of floor standing speaker in high gloss piano black finish on demo at perfect Hi-Fi's Amcorp Mall showroom.
Complete KEF R series on demo, including the center/surround packages.

This is one mean looking, high tech speaker employing the latest driver technologies, such as KEF newest re-designed Uni-Q integrated tweeter-mid range co-axial driver and two light weight, flat woofer cone, made from aluminium bass drivers.
The R 700 on demo is a sleek and high tech looking design. 

Please contact Jepson at 012-3930263 for more information, or demo appointment.

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Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Wow...can we see a hint of Andrew Jones in there? :-)