April 22, 2012

Doing The Double Take!

Double Take's re-union concert, held last Saturday, at the Bentley Auditorium was titled 1 Voice, 6 Strings, 12 Years. I was wondering how am I gonna keep my self interested for 90 minutes on a stage with just Mia Palencia and Roger Wang's guitar only?

It turns out I needn't worry at all. It was a highly entertaining concert. Mia had great stage presence and could carry her voice with a level of confidence that's rare in Asian show biz. And like any finely aged scotch, her voice has a naturally deep, yet transparent tone. Roger Wang's guitar style needs no further introduction, and when they perform as the Double Take duo, there's a certain undeniable chemistry that exist between them.

For me, the most enjoyable part was the Micheal Jackson medley act, which had Roger starting on various MJ tunes with his guitar and Mia has to sing it out impromptu! Needless to say, well rehearsed or otherwise, it was one mighty fun act.

The 90 minutes passed really fast and before we know it, Mia was already telling us that it's the second last song, and if we in audience wished to clap, sing along or let our hair down, now's the time! By the time the last song ended, Mia and Roger entertained us with one last encore!

I'll leave you with some pictures of the night.
The Bentley Auditorium at night.

Pop Pop Music is the Premier Chinese Jazz Movement.

Double Take CD sales were brisk that night.

Pop Pop Man, Leslie reminding the audience about observing concert etiquette.

Mia & Roger starting the concert, note the BOSE speaker system in between the two of them, which was rather odd, but it sounds good nevertheless.

Mia sings!

While Roger plays.

Roger proclaims "after 12 years, they finally decide to give me a mic!"

More Mia in action.

It was worth a night's out. My other half says we should do this more often!

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