April 6, 2012

IsoTek Ultimate System Setup Disc.

IsoTek Ultimate System Setup Disc is an easy to use and most helpful when setting up speaker position in a given room.

Oh no! Not another set up and test disc????  Was my initial reaction when I was given to have a play with this CD.  Still, I was curious to find if I could learn something new out of this CD. After having played with the Leo Fung produced The Throne system set up disc sometime ago, which was rather comprehensive,  I found this IsoTek CD more approachable in it's lingo, and offers less daunting steps for a beginner, and benefits perhaps even the most seasoned audiophile. Of course, it helped too, that the instruction is in plain, layman's English for a Malaysian banana like me!

It contains the usual test tone tracks and signal generator for checking phase, speaker L/R balance amongst the standard test and set up disc must haves. What I found most useful, is the speaker positioning guide, with it's instruction diction-ed in a clear and easy to understand manner.

Once you've set up your system properly, there are six music tracks, licensed from Opus to allow you to hear the fruits of your hard labour of the newly repositioned speakers. I found that it helped me to easily find the sweet spot for the least room to speaker interaction, when I was setting up a pair of YG Acoustics Carmel(review coming soon!) in my man cave.

Go on, do give this IsoTek Ultimate Setup disc a try! And by the way, don't use the China pirated versions of this CD, as one of my buddies found out, and complained about it's over boosted test tones, causing his speaker positioning exercise a futile proposition, except if any good done, gave him a few hours of decent work out!

IsoTek is sold by Centre Circle Audio, contact Nelson or Sky at 03-77282686.

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