April 30, 2012

On The Cutting Edge, KEF Concept Blade Arrives!

The KEF Concept Blade speakers represents the company's state of the art design philosophy with cutting edge technology.

Perfect HiFi has brought in two pairs of KEF Concept Blade speakers in to Malaysian soil. There's the white pair that SF Lam wrote about in his blog earlier which has since been sold. I arrived to Perfect HiFi's IOI Mall's first floor showroom over the weekend only to catch the piano gloss black finished pair in action, powered by Audio Research pre/power amp combo and DCS Puccini CD player as digital source.
The Concept Blade uses the distinctive Uni-Q Single Apparent Source mid range and tweeter drivers in front while utilising 2 pairs of push-push side firing woofer on the sides, which looks very much like those also used on the latest R series speakers! Study the interesting speaker design from the transparent cut out diagram above. 

The sound of the KEF Blade Concept was nothing like I've ever heard from the company previously. Feed by capable amplification and distinctly capable source, the Blade projected a wholesome natural sound field. The 2 pairs of push-push side firing woofers on each side panel put out highly accurate and distinctive bass quality, matched by the coherence of the Single Apparent Source of the latest Uni-Q driver in front, which takes care of the mids and high frequencies. Here is a pair of speakers that more than justifies it's high tech, flagship status.

Go on, sample the cutting edge of sound quality, call Andy Tan of Perfect HiFi at 019-2112566, for demo appointment.


Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Where's the blade? Looks more like the back handle of a knife! :-) ...very nice...

Big E said...


According to the company's product literature, the KEF Concept Blade is inspired from the shape of a propeller blade, taken from the WWII Spitfire fighter aircraft.

The shape is not only aerodynamic, but in audio terms, also has no parallel internal surface to contribute to boxy colouration of the sound.

Go have a listen, this is a mighty fine speaker.

Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Big E,


I've always liked KEF. They present music in a very civilised manner.

I do have some reservations about their engineering though. I had a Q15 years ago. Within a few years, the cones started warping, forming a flower like shape. It was the weirdest thing. Subsequently, I contacted KEF twice but I didn't even get an acknowledgement.

I searched the net and I am not the only one with this problem of the warping cone.

I had similar experiences with Tannoys but at least that didn't affect the drivers.

Big E said...


Sorry to hear about the premature failure of your previous KEF speakers.

However, 15 years is a long, long time ago, and I am sure they would've improved by now.

Not that I am defending them what so ever, but their latest offerings are very price competitive and offers great sound performance to dollar ratio.

Having siad that, I"ve not had a long term relationship with any of their products either.

qlobetrotter said...

Hi, enjoyed reading your blogs all this while.
I am wondering if there is anyone who can verify my audioquest cables?

Big E said...

Hi! Eric,

I used many pairs of Audioquest cables previously, but now only 2 pairs of Sky IC left in my system.

You may send us photos of your AQ cable via e-mail and we can try to verify for you by checking with the local distributor.

Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Big E,

I will definitely catch a listen sometime. Hopefully they will showcase them at the u and coming KLIAV.

Strange, some people come online to ask questions but don't bother to give more details...