April 27, 2012

TEG's New Jaya One Showroom.

The Experts Group, authorised distributor for B&W loudspeakers for Malaysia and Singapore, have moved their showroom to an alternative location, still within Jaya One commercial building. Their previous showroom accessible from the basement parking is no more.

TEG is now located at No.72A, Jalan Universiti, Jaya One, Block J, Unit 29-G(Ground Floor), 46200 Petaling Jaya Selangor. Alternatively, just look for the Wendy Burger outlet in Jaya One and you shall see the new B&W showroom just a few doors further down.

Here are some pictures of the new showroom:
TEG store front with the Bowers & Wilkins sign.

The iPad/Phone/Pod corner, with various B&W Zeppelin and head phone products. 

B&W takes their association with the Abbey Road and Lucas Film studios rather seriously.

The lifestyle demo area for those with compact living aspirations.

This is the serious hifi demo area! Note the latest B&W PM 1 speakers in the fore ground. TEG also sells Arcam, Rotel and T+A electronics.

A full range of Olive Digital Media Players are on demo here too.

More B&W, Olive demo.

BDI hifi/AV rack in natural walnut finish. These racks are customed designed to fit modern living interiors for good sound, discrete wire routing and equipment ventilation in mind.

Even the center speaker is accommodated inside a pull out drawer with sonically transparent grille mesh. That's BDI rack design details.

More BDI concept hifi/AV rack.

The jewel of the showroom, the latest B&W 802 Diamond speakers. Driven by top flight Classe pre/power amp combo, sourced by Olive Digital Media Player and XLO Signature 3 range cables, the sound is highly involving, and pleasing to the ears! Now this is how real high end diamond tweeters should sound like, room acoustics aside!

Ixos loose cut cable reels are also available.

Raj is the showroom guy, posing with the B&W CM series speakers.

If you can't find the place or just wanna call Raj for an enquiry, dial this no. 03-79568989 for assistance.


tt said...

They also the new distributor for Raksan amp.

Sean lim said...

The worst service Center I known. Not honest in servicing.

I have place over 6 month and every month telling me the same answer waiting for parts!!

I suggest bower wilkin to take back the authorise dealer.