May 10, 2012

Maxx Audio Visual In Seremban.

KL hifi gang bangers making their way in to Maxx Audio Visual. See if you can spot the identities these guys?

Maxx Audio Visual showroom is located at 66, Jalan Toman 4, Kemayan Square, Seremban town, about an hour's drive from south of Kuala Lumpur. A few KL hifi gang bangers were making a day trip to Seremban to meet up with like minded enthusiast, and sample their audio systems, plus tuck in some of those famous original Seremban Siew Pau!

First stop along the way, we stop by Maxx Audio Visual and share with you, pictures of their showroom.
Maxx Audio Visual main foyer is mostly dedicated to Triangle loudspeakers and Exposure electronics. Seen here on demo are the latest Triangle color, with matching stands.

More Triangle, Genesis Trio speakers with their dedicated designed stands.

Thriangle Espirit series loudspeakers, and some pre-owned hifi selections.

Cables galore, XLO, Kimber and MIT.

Maxx Audio Visual is the authorised Triangle distributor in Malaysia.

This is the high end AV demo room,

A closer look at some of the AV components that make this room tick.

Triangle Magellan Cello(left), standing proud next to Genese Quartet, which is a bargain speaker for it's size! Interested? Call Maxx Loh to find out.

A Krell 250W stereo power amp driving either pair of Triangle floor standers.

SVS PB13-Ultra flagship sub woofer. Hear to believe the mind blowing experience!

This SVS is the biggest, baddest...ass sub woofer I've heard. It's got the power to not only shake the room, floor or sofa, but also one's pair of guli-es(balls). During the AV demo, I felt all that with my trouser's bottom flapping too!

After the totally out of this world AV demo experience, with our guli-es shaken, not stirred, we headed for those famous Seremban Siew Paus.

You can contact Maxx Audio Visual by calling Benjamin or Maxx Loh at 06 7620811 or 017 6778820. And lastly, don't worry, they are really friendly chaps!


Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...

Oooooh...delicious looking subs!

Felipp Crushers said...

You've just shared highly defined visual accessories. Amazing! The SVS looks cool, I've never seen such big as that, and the feature are just highlighting. Perfect place to set up an audio house career.


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