May 28, 2012

PMC Launches Twenty.C Speaker.

Andy posing with the Twenty C center channel speaker, in piano gloss black finish.

PMC loudspeakers UK have launched the Twenty series matching center channel, aptly named Twenty C. Andy Duffield, one of the hardest working marketing guy in the business, was at the AV Designs showroom elaborate on the finer details of the Twenty series speakers and the official unveiling of the Twenty C in the Malaysian market.

The event was duly followed by an AV and music demo of the Twenty series speakers in multi channel surround mode. Needless to say, the speech intelligibility is superb for such a small and discreet center channel.
A closer look at the Twenty C.

Andy also mentions that there are signs that the Twenty series is starting to out sell the classic i series speakers, due to it's modest step up cost and huge performance advantage. The Twenty series will eventually include a matching sub woofer design, in the not too distant future, to complete the AV configurable of the range. Full AV demo of the Twenty series is now being hosted at AV Designs.

PMC Loudspeakers is sold by AV Designs, contact James or Tony at 03-21712828.

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