May 17, 2012

Sorry! No Sales Here.

SORRY! We DO NOT practice shopping therapy here.

We've been getting a lot of e-mails lately, asking if we could supply quotations for hifi products and shipping rates, or if we do stock brand XYZ cables? We also get request if we'd commercially be interested to distribute audio equipments?  I just wish to remind our dear readers with this post that we are a non commercial site, as such we will not respond to such request, because there are just too many to do so. We do accept paid advertisement panels from supportive dealers however, on the strict condition that we retain our editorial integrity.

Should you wanna buy any hifi equipment or related items, kindly contact the respective dealers whose website links, and contacts are listed on their advertisement panels on this site. There are also various local and international "HiFi For Sale" sites that caters to your shopping needs.

We only aim to share our passionate opinion for great sound and excellent music via this site.

Thanks for your support and kind understanding.

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