June 7, 2012

Calling It A Day? Audioing Signs Off.

Even the hifi clowns are saddened by Audioing's decision to call it a day. Truly, a tragic talent lost in Malaysian hifi blog sphere. I only hope he'll one day return with a vengeance.

No, it's not me calling a day! I am instead, referring to an esteemed fellow audio blogger, Audioing's decision to call it day from writing about his hifi adventures. He's a very private fella, a fervent proponent of low cost, high performance(CP ratio) audio reproduction. The hifi champion of the Malaysian salaried music lover and audio enthusiast.

A group of his staunchest readers wrote to him, asking for his reconsideration but to no avail. I met up with him over a cuppa with the same intentions, but also to no avail. What makes Audioing so special?

For one, his got a pair of really keen ears. Knows his hifi depth and knowledge. I find his blogging style special, as one sifu would put it "this guy's got real balls!". He's got a sense of humour too. I especially like his hifi social observation the most.

The good news is that, he's just stop writing about hifi. He is still a hifi connoisseur, and is still part of the hifi society. So perhaps he's just a little tired(we all get that sometimes), or he has other things on his mind for now. As long as Audioing is still listening to music and playing hifi, there's good chance to hope that he'll be back in the future(hopefully, we don't have to wait too long!).

He's even switched off the comments section of Audioing, so should any one want to have a shout out to him, please show your support by putting your thoughts, on to the comments section here. I know he's reading. Ha! Ha!


kychoo99 said...

Have been enjoying his blog very much for the past one year where i used to check his blog once every 2 days looking for some updates. His posting is humorous, extremely entertaining & have definetely taught & given me a number of ideas pertaining to the hobby. Really sadden by his decision to ends it. Like you said, hope he be back ... soon.

Ken said...

I agree with KY Choo wholeheartedly.

Really will miss his humour!!

Half past six said...

嘩! 搞到咁大?

Puchong wong said...