June 17, 2012

The Swans Sing at Centre Circle Audio

A new loudspeaker brand arrives on our shore. Centre Circle Audio recently brought in a wide range of models from the Swans loudspeaker range. They are available for audition in their showroom now. The extensive range covers everything from hifi to AV to lifestyle. There is bound to be something that will interest everyone. 

The Swans brand is owned by HiVi Inc. The company is HQ'ed in California, USA, where the design and engineering is done. Manufacturing is carried out in China for its cost advantage, like what many other hifi companies have done.

There are too many models to list, so I'd just highlight a few of them here. Pay Centre Circle Audio a visit to see and listen for yourselves!

The 3 photos above are of the M806 floorstander, list price RM20,000 per pair

The M806B with stands. This is the little brother to the M806 floorstander. 
List price RM11,500 per pair.

The RM1000 floorstander with ribbon tweeter and active subwoofer. A lot of loudspeakers for a list price of RM9,800.

The active subwoofer controls on the RM1000
Three models in the RM-range - Left: RM600F RM6,500/pair ; Centre: RM1000 RM9,800/pair; Right: RM300F RM4,600/pair. The RM1000 model is the only model in the range with active subwoofer.

The bookshelf loudspeakers are equipped with ribbon tweeters too. Here are the M3 with stand, list price RM6,800 per pair.

M1 with stand, list price RM5,500 per pair

Here, we have HiVi's THX certified loudspeakers for home theatre. The models are:
X3 LCR, list price RM4,800 per unit

X3 Subwoofer, list price RM14,000 per unit

X3R Surround, list price RM5,500 per pair
These are Swans' active loudspeakers, great as a desk top or a bedroom system, just add source. Here we see them paired with a mini Parasound CD player.

On the left, the H5 active loudspeakers, list price RM2,800 per pair. On the right, the H4, which goes for RM2,500 per pair

To know more about HiVi Swans, visit their website at http://www.swanspeaker.com/.

Due to time constraints, I did not listen to the loudspeakers in action during my visit. I promise myself to visit Centre Circle Audio again soon and get myself better acquainted with these Swans.

Contact Nelson or Sky at Centre Circle Audio 03-77282686 for an audition.

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