July 31, 2012

KLIAV 2012 Show, Beauties Galore!

Some folks have been asking if I have I forgotten something? Certainly not, but just saving the best for last.

Time for some eye-fi!
Ms Panasonic 3D.

Another Ms Panasonic 3D.

She's the one for some luxury moment!

Ms Sharp LCD, back to the drawing boards.

Ms Wowloud. The new online music site, Check out www.wowloud.com

More WOWs! for the Ms Wowloud.

Ms Sony.

TAD I like!

More Ms TAD.

Ms Panasonic.

Ms headphones.

After some begging and pleading, Ms Wowloud agreed to give me a shot! Vote for Big E on wowloud Facebook!

Ahh..... The sounds, the sights and the company! That's what attending the KLIAV show is all about.


KC said...

This is the very best posting - world standard reporting , I wish all CES, High end Munich shows should have this eye -fi . Well done

kychoo99 said...

yeah ... keep up the good work!

mikelau.2 said...

Hi Big E,

Splendid ! Sexcilent ending chord !