August 13, 2012

New Lower Prices for SVS Subwoofers at Maxx Audio

Maxx Audio has revised downwards the prices of its range of SVS subwoofers. Check out the full specs and pictures at The models available are:

1.  PB13-Ultra : RM8,499 (Old retail : RM11,000) (as pictured above)
2.  PC13-Ultra : RM7,599 (Old Retail : RM9,899)
3.  PB12-Plus : RM6,999 (Old Retail : RM8,599)
4.  PC12-Plus : RM6,199 (Old Retail : RM7,899)
5.  PB12-NSD : RM3,499
6.  PC12-NSD : RM3,499 (Old Retail : RM4,599)
7.  SB12-NSD : RM2,999 (charcoal black); RM3,199 ( Piano black)

More over, Maxx Audio is doing a pre-order sales from now until 22nd August 2012 to commemorate SVS in Malaysia for 3 years. For pre-order, discount of 10% will be given to all existing Maxx Audio's customers. Customer who paid in full for pre-order will get an additional 5% discount.

The pre-order quota is depleting fast, I was told that of the 10 units of PB13-Ultra available, only 2 are left as of today.  So if you are looking for a great sub at a great price what are you waiting for? Call Maxx at 0176778820.  

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