August 30, 2012

The Jazzy Sound Of Teresa Teng(Definitive Audiophile Version), Winnie Ho.

Just got my Definitive Audiophile Version of this fantastic album last week, and I have not stop listening to it since. Creativity and musical artistry aside, as covered in my earlier music review of the said album, by Malaysian song bird, Winnie Ho.

This posting is more a comparative sound check vis a vis the original, released not too long ago, as all the tracks are exactly the same. While I liked the organic quality in the mastering of the original, this audiophile version boast better extended, crispier highs, more incisive imaging quality and better dynamic contrast. Take track four for instance tittled The Girl From South Sea, the percussion session had better sense of rhythm and stood out a bit more from the mix on the left side of the sound stage, compared to where the percussion was just part of the overall musical mix in the original release. On the whole, the definitive audiophile version just sounds better and certainly worth the extra price premium.

This numbered limited edition is truly limited and if you've liked the original release as much as I did, it's best to get your copy of this definitive audiophile version too, before it's all gone and prices start to sky rocket upwards as with all "hot" audiophile CDs. If you've not heard this album and wondered what the fuss is all about, just go and get either version for your musical enjoyment.

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