September 16, 2012

Hi-Fi in The Chinese World

Leo mixes Hi-Fi with Fun, Humor and Tonnes of Beautiful Women and what a commercial success!

We are sure you know the biggest consumers of Hi-Fi are Chinese, or Asian, to be more accurate. Do you know who/which are some of the celebirites and publications that have global influence in the Chinese Hi-Fi community?

They are a few but this guy easily steals the limelight. Banker in the day time, playboy/hardcore audiophile/forum moderator/magazine editor at night time. Mr Leo Yeh, or more affectionately known as Xiao Ye, is the most popular audiophile in Taiwan. Leo successfully mixes Hi-Fi with fun, humor and tonnes of beautiful women and what a commercial success!

Leo started his forum, My-Hiend,  many years ago and it grew to be a monster congregation of audiophiles not only in Taiwan but other Chinese Hi-Fi communities as well. Not only does he cover almost every single Hi-Fi show on earth with his own money, he also organizes many Group Buys of audiophile CDs and other accessories for his forumers. He is the National Hero for many audiophiles in Taiwan.

It is also not far-fetched too to acknowledge Leo as the most popular Hi-Fi ambassador to the politically-divided Hi-Fi dealers in Taiwan. Many dealers advertise in his forum. Many dealers capitalize on Leo's popularity and his amazing protocols to promote and market their products.

Leo's success come from his super nice-guy demeanor, balanced views and his diplomacy. He handles everybody, whether you are a newbie, a seasoned audiophile, a dealer, a visitor, with a friendly approach fit for a diplomat. No bad-mouthing, no criticism on competitors products... you would never find any bad habits in Leo.

Recently in July 2012, Leo did something extraordinary that shook the Chinese Hi-Fi World. He started his own online publication called My-HiEnd e-Zine, much to the joy of his supporters and Chinese audiophiles all over the world. Since it is an e-Zine it is entirely FREE!

Leo did everything on this own. The layout, the artwork design, the reviews. Of course he also recruited a highly-respected team of reviewers which includes the Who's Who in Taiwan's Hi-Fi community. For starters, the magazine format and layout is refreshing: clean, classy and tasteful. Leo adopted a different approach in his editorial. His writing is simple and easily understood, just like man himself, a big contrast to the literary jargon of magazines like Audio Art, Taiwan's top Hi-Fi magazine. The e-Zine is beautifully straight-forward and highly readable. His views on Hi-Fi is also refreshingly different and more exciting from the traditional magazine reviewers.  

The first issue was an instant success, garnering more than 10,000 downloads globally.  The second issue which was released last week, has already surpassed that figure!

You can download it from here.

In line with the e-Zine publication business, Leo also setup a very classy office-cum-showroom, nestled amidst the back lanes of Taiwan, for client entertaining, equipment reviews and for Hi-Fi dealers to demo their products. Apart from his passionate pursuit in Hi-Fi, Leo is also a man of refined tastes, with his many posting of beautiful women in his Facebook and forum. Hi-Fi and women are inseparable, Leo enthuses.  

Leo's contribution to the Chinese Hi-Fi world is immense, although the man himself would be too shy to acknowledge. Many think that if there were a Nobel Prize for Hi-Fi, he would be the undisputed winner!    

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