October 16, 2012

Power Pow Wow! Furutech FP-314AG Power Cord.

Furutech FP-314AG power cord is available as loose cut off reel.

The Furutech FP-314AG is a pretty good looking power cord for something that's available as off cuts from a reel. The thick looking jacket with directional markings hide the very high levels of shielding and screening this cable is equipped. The silver plated 14AWG conductor cores looks shinny and nice too. I bought 1.5 meter of this Furutech cable with intention to serve the power hungry Denon AVR-1612 receiver in my recently set up AV system.  I took the cable home from Hi-Way Laser and proceeded to terminate the cable on both ends. My initial plan was to use the brilliant Furutech plugs on the IEC end, but budget constraints put an end to that thought, I used generic China made, gold plated IEC plugs instead. I used Indian made, BS standard, 13amp fused MK Duraplug for the other end. Termination work was fairly straight forward and took no more than 45 minutes to have both ends securely terminated.
The very elaborate shielding and screening designs incoporated.

Silver plating for L & N conductors, high purity copper for E.

I proceeded to use the Furutech FP-314AG to power the Denon AVR-1612 receiver, and found the sound took on a crystalline clear quality, with slightly more extended highs than previously. Vocal projection from the center chanel was effortless in it's delivery, and that made following movie dialogues much easier. So far so good, but there's a down side to this power cord, the power delivery was still suffering from strangling effects of the 14AWG conductors and sounds from highly explosive scenes were rendered more light weight than usual. Sub bass didn't seem to extend as low as before. I didn't think this cable is good for power hungry amps.

I then swap this Furutech cable to power my Pioneer BDP-140 Blu-ray player, via a figure 8 to IEC adaptor. I think the result is much more pleasing now. Visual colour contrast were slightly easier to discern and pictures took on a sharper, crispier quality. Sound quality retain it's crystalline clear character as heard when used to power the Denon AV receiver. I concluded that this Furutech FP-314AG power cable is much better suited to power front end components, rather than used to pull heavy loads of power amp.
The finished DIY power cord.

Priced at RM$125/meter(cable only), this is obviously not a cheap DIY-er power cord. However I admired the engineering and quality build that comes with it and when used to power front end components, the results were more than satisfactory for a less than RM$300.00 cable adventure.

As of now, I am still looking for a big ass power cord for my Denon AVR-1612 receiver.

Furutech is sold by Hi-Way Laser, contact Kenny at 019-2813399.


PUG said...

where did you buy your China made, gold plated IEC plugs and Indian made, BS standard, 13amp fused MK Duraplug ?

How much did they cost ?

Capernaum Creative Solutions Inc. said...


Made me want to look into mine too!

Big E said...


The China made gold plated IEC plaugs are available from Hi-Way Laser. Do give Kenny a call for pricing details, and they are very, very affordable.

The Indian made, BS standard 13amp fused MK Duraplug is not available locally. I bought a bunch of them online a couple of years back, and I uased the left overs for my AV cable project.

You can however buy the MK hospital grade BS standard plugs at most electric supplies stores, but I got mine at Jusco DIY dept. Those work nearly just as well, and a whole lot cheaper in my opinion.

Big E said...


I think you really should! Maybe you should sue some of AOR powercords for your AV system?

Big E said...

Sorry Felix,

I meant maybe you should use some of your AOR powercords for your AV system?

Wang said...

Big E,

Now....why didn't I think of that?.....Hahahaha

I am not too sure if my AV system is worthy of a cable upgrade but I probably should.

Thanks for the suggestion.