October 27, 2012

Unison Research Factory Tour, Part I.

Unison Research is located in the town of Treviso, Northern Italy, just an hours traveling time by road from Venice City. Treviso is an idyllic and scenic place, with a population of just over eighty two thousand. I was invited by Bartalomeo Nasta, to get to know the rest of the Unison Research guys, but my work commitments meant that it was not to be. Dang! I was actually looking forward towards an European holiday.

That meant this factory visit would have to be a virtual tour. After my 10Qs session with Giovanni Sacchetti, founder of Unison Research which allowed us a glimpse in to the man's amplifier design philosophy, and now followed by a factory tour, as promised. Let's start!

The industrial building that houses both Unison Research and Opera Loudspeakers.

First stop, let's raid their parts warehouse, where components and semi assembled modules are stocked, here we have some wire harness ready for assembly.

What does this look like? A volume knob?

The parts warehouse has rows and rows of neatly stacked stocks!

More parts for making amplifiers and CD players.

More wire harness!

Some toroidal transformers seen here.

Caps and more caps!
Various caps with values marked for easy identification.
Film caps.
Just one of the many boxes of tubes in stock!
PCB boards awaiting assembly.
Power supply e-caps in stock.

Next, we look at the assembly and test work stations at Unison Research.

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