October 29, 2012

Unison Research Factory Tour, Part II.

We first saw Unison Research's vast parts bin and storage warehouse section. Now we proceed to the work in progress area, where all the action is, with artisans and craftsman working hand in hand to assemble electronics, tubes, wood and metal work to form the final product. It's a relative large open space, partitioned only by rack and racks of semi finished products in various stages of WIP. At first glance, the work benches look chaotic, however watching the men work shows there's order within the chaos. Now that's assembly line, Italian style for you and me! Let's get on to it.
Rows and rows of racked semi finished products acts as partition in an otherwise open working area.

More semi finished products along the work bench.

Metal casings awaiting stuffing.

The beautifully CNC machined stainless steel volume knob assembly. 

All hand assembled, that's what Unison Research is about!

These nearly finished amps awaiting their precious volume knobs that are being assembled above.

All Unison Research products are hand made, including the entry level Unico line as seen here.

Wiring the inputs and outputs.

In line and awaiting for more tubes and wood work. 

PCB stuffing all done by thru hole, no SMD here. A phono stage seen put together here.

Craftsman at work.

More products awaiting further work on the racks.

Seen here are Unico line amps, awaiting their front panel knobs and switches. 

Beautiful wood work on metal casing, Italian artistry at it's finest! 

Now that you know the Italian assembly line is quite unlike others else where, they are very much like building fine watches and super sports cars(think Lamborghini or Ferrari!). Next, we see the QC and R&D areas and the final touches that goes in to completing the products for shipping.

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