October 31, 2012

Unison Research Factory Tour, Part III.

In this final installation of our Unison Research factory tour, we check out the QC and R&D areas within the building. We also take a detour to see where some sub assembly work, where special care and attention is required.
A worker takes a product off the assembly for QC testing.

However, we now take a detour to see where certain parts and sub assemblies that require that bit of extra special attention. like this batch of tubes, which are graded to match the circuit characteristics of the model of intended insertion.

A box of tubes awaiting grading.

Pair matching is crucial for L/R chanel balance.

So are certain parts along the sensitive pre-amp circuit section, where chanel matching is just as important. Otherwise, the power amp section would amplify an imbalanced stereo signal.

Another area that require special care is the volume pot assembly(a.k.a. step attenuator), again the chanel matching element is crucial here.

Not only chanel matching, but feel of the potentiometer is just as important. Not many audio companies build this part in house, due to the tedious work nature and long work time involved. 

The volume knob as shown earlier is now ready for it's crowning moment.

Here! Isn't this a work of art?

Even it's matching remote is not spared of the special care and attention!

Lower end model remotes get the standard assembly line treatment.

Senor Sacchetti seen here giving his personal touch by putting this tube amp thru it's paces and setting the tube biasing prior to final packaging.

More QC test parameters.

Further fine tuning and adjustments.

From the looks of that smile, a satisfied Giovanni indeed. Time to pack this amp up for shipping.

CAD(Computer Aided Design) software is used in the development of PCB circuit boards for optimum sound quality reproduction.

A very serious Giovanni scrutinises a power supply design section on the CAD software, reducing R&D time and cost.

Giovanni measures the small parts for fitting tolerances on a PCB board in a prototype amp design under going testing.

The work of a hifi/audio engineer never ceases!

It's an interesting angle to view how a company like Unison Research, who values traditional craftsmanship, classic tube design metal and wood work, embracing new the latest technology in an attempt to create audio equipment that sounds and looks like masterpieces. To buy and own one of this finely crafted audio equipment is to make a statement of your salutation to the finer things in life!

And lifestyle is something that the Italians have in spades. A special thanks to my buddy Bartolomio for making this factory tour happen.

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