January 21, 2013

Listen, Listen, Listen!

The lady that inspired me to write this!
I was inspired by a video on You Tube, show casing this lady's tirade which happened in a local university forum. By now, to most Malaysians at least, the said video that went viral in past 2 weeks needs no further introduction.

There are not many occasions when I was inspired enough to write a poem about. I can recall two, the first time I was inspired enough to write a poem is when I first fell in love my life partner, that was enough to convince me that she was THE ONE! The next time I wrote another poem was just after I witness a small miracle, in which I naturally was promoted to the ranks of fatherhood!

For some funny and in-explicable reason, which left me pondering in the past week why? How can I be inspired by an event and people in which I have no feelings what so ever for. Perhaps if you read on, then you can tell me.

Listen, listen, listen!
That's all we audiophiles ever do
Music lovers also listen
To songs that recording qualities may not do?

Listen, listen, listen!
A forum this is not
When I speak, you listen
Therefore I started this blog, your prerogative to agree with me or not!

Listen, listen, listen!
When visiting, do not talk too much
Especially to equipments which price tag makes your eyes glisten 
The host may respond "Your equipment how much?"

Listen, listen, listen!
Even animals have problems
The more an audiophile listen
Is the music mixed with acoustic problems?

Listen, listen, listen!
All of us look for audio nirvana
Perhaps there's such a place, if by heart we listen
For some however, god only can be heard via Vahalla

Listen, listen, listen!
To the lady who is a fiery speaker
I am sure her husband is a good listener
Because at home he's got Wilson speakers?

Listen, listen, listen!
She says all is forgiven
When audiophiles disagree, emotions are heightened
Perhaps more respect, should each other be given?

Listen, listen, listen!
Love all your possessions
Skill and knowledge can quicken
The expansion of one's hifi and music horizons.


There, I said "listen" many more times then the lady did! I wish to thank her for inspiring me to write another poem, but only to be reminded of my love for hifi and my circle of audiophile friends!

This poem is dedicated to all who loves hifi and music.