August 1, 2009

The BMW of CD Players – Audionet ART G2

This is an old post of ours in the blog we previously contributed to.

Pandering to audiophiles’ whims and fancies (mine included) with a RM28k CD player at a time when our petrol price just increased by 40% and everyone is hurt by inflation, does seem like poor taste. But, what is this hobby of ours if it is not a little oasis where we can retreat to and detach ourselves momentarily from the outside world, right? So let's bravely soldier on....

This is my first time crossing the path of Audionet other than in a hifi show. Its ART G2 CD player is my next review assignment for AVXpress. I have a high respect for things engineered by Germans, witness their automobiles, for example. The Audionet ART G2 is no exception, it is like the BMW of the CD player world - solidly built, a joy to use, and capable of taking you down all the twists and turns of the musical path.

After 72 hours of burn-in, the ART G2 is digging up musical details that I have never heard from every one of my reference CDs that I put in it. This is amazing, so when a reviewer says that he/she is re-discovering his/her music collection because of a new piece of equipment, believe it, as I am bearing witness to that.

Now, that should take my mind off the petrol price for some time.

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