August 19, 2009

Dynaudio Presentation by CEO, Wilfried Ehrenholz.

He's tha man!, Mr Wilfried and his range of Excite speakers.
This few weeks since the KLIAV show has been brewing a hifi storm in the local high end audio scene. With so many happenings and events, it was hard for us to keep up with them all. But what we did managed to attend, will be shared here.

Tha good guy, Mr John Yew of CMY Audio & Visual.
Last Thursday, 13th August, was CMY Audio Visual hosting a Dynaudio Presentation, by the company's CEO, Mr Wilfried Ehrenholz.

Mr Wilfried, during a very passionate moment of his presentation, converting us all to Dynaudio fans!
Amongst his power point presentation includes a brief history of Dynaudio, the company philosophy, it's technical achievements and latest products. One of the highlights of the presentation is the revealing of the latest, ultimate up date, of what is remarkably, one of the best kept secrets of the industry, the Dynaudio Consequence. This model has been on sale for the 25 years or so, but it has never been promoted on the company's website or brochures, up till now that is. It's been mostly sold on made to order basis with custom finishing of the customer's choice.

Revealed, the Dynaudio Consequence Ultimate, note the tweeter bottom, woofer top baffle config?
Up till now, only the real Dynaudio connoisseurs know and truly appreciates the flagship Consequence Ultimate model. Apparently a pair of these RM$250k speakers are due to arrive our shores very soon. Do not miss the chance to hear them in action then.

Some of the Danes don't lie groupies!

Also to note is that the last batch of Dynaudio 30th Anniversary Saphire model is currently in production, which Mr Ehrenholz says will likely come to end before the year is over. Only 1000 pairs of the Saphires will be built. If you've a thing for these special Dynaudio speaker models, better hurry up to CMY Audio & Visual.

Good food, great friends and excellent hifi, can you beat that for afternoon tea?
For further infomation, contact Mr John Yew, tel: 016-2861000

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