August 30, 2009

McIntosh, Ong Radio And Audio Perfectionist, 3 in 1 Celebrations.

Partners in high end audio, Audio Perfectionist and Mcintosh.

Sometime earlier this month, we're invited to an event that celebrates McIntosh's 60th Anniversary, Ong Radio's 50th Anniversary of distributing the brand and Audio Perfectionist's 15th Anniversary operating in Malaysia. It was a grand event for the celebrations.

The classic McIntosh 275 tube amp still available new!, amongst other modern McIntosh products.

Those attending the event(on invitational basis only) consist of many local hifi personalities and the elite sector of high society. We were not only treated to the open house of Audio Perfectionist's new showroom in Jaya 1, Petaling Jaya, but were also treated to a sumptuous buffet spread and the highlight of it was the McIntosh mini concert, held in the auditorium located conveniently next to the new showroom.

More McIntosh on display at showroom.

The system that starred in the mini concert consisted of the following McIntosh products, said to be worth RM$500K or so:

McIntosh MCD500 SACD/CD player

McIntosh C500 Pre Amp

McIntosh MC1.2KW Mono block Power Amp

McIntosh XRT1K Loudspeaker system

The Mac equipment on stage of the auditorium gig.

After the pleasantries at the start, we're first treated to some live music, vocals by a little girl followed by a classical violin act by a young boy. That followed by the full McIntosh high end experience, playing mostly well known audiophile music.

Some of the lucky folks invited fr the mini concert.

It was a fun day out, catching up with all the hifi personalities and marveling at the new cozy showroom of Audio Perfectionist.

The busy new Audio Perfectionist showroom at Jaya 1.

If you've got a thing for McIntosh hifi gear, contact Simon of Audio Perfectionist, tel: 03-79542818

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