August 2, 2009

A shoe rack for my hi-fi (part 2)

This is an old post of ours in the blog we previously contributed to.

In this second, but optional part of the "shoe rack" difuser panels, I will choose to incorporate some absorbtion qualities in to the room tune devise, for livelier rooms or system.

I started out with a piece of one inch thick acoustic foam and then cut to size of 5 x 13 inches square as pictured above. Once cut, the foam squares are then squeeze bended insert in to the gaps of the difuser panel, as per shown in picture below.

As expected, with the absorbtion foams inserted, the some of the high frequency extension was curtailed. it also manages to cut down some excess and sometimes spitty high mids. If you have a system suffering from excess brightness or spitty high mids, this is a very valid option.

For me, due to the already tonally well balanced nature of my system, I just removed all the acoustic foam and decided to stick with part 1.

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