August 1, 2009

Telos Reviews!

This is an old post of ours in the blog we previously contributed to.

Telos Catalog

First off, a general impression,

The Telos products offer first rate build quality, irregardless of price. However, of more interest is the question,"How do they sound like?"

I'll cover the components in review step by step, i.e. by adding one component at a time in to the system. Lastly, summing up with the whole range working together in sync.

Telos RCA caps compared to the "cheapie"

The RCA/XLR Caps : These things worked surprisingly well. When inserted in to all the unused chassis mounted connectors on the pre amp, they inexplicably bring the back ground noise of the system down somewhat, based on my subjective hearing, compared to the el-cheapie black plastic caps that I used, which does nothing for the sound but do keep dust at bay.

Telos XLR caps

The Golden Reference Power Cord : This item feels very heavy gauge. When used to power my CD player, comparing to my resident Isotek powercord, the music seems more energetic, subjectively louder and more alive. Bass was also noticeably more thightly robust. However, it did not bring any harshness or edginess in to the system, and retained all it's other positive sonic traits.

Telos Golden Reference Power Cord

The Golden Reference XLR Interconnect : Substituting my Audioquest Columbia, sending signals from CD player to pre-amp, the Telos GR interconnect was a revelation. It had the transparency to reproduce musical details and nuances in spades, just very slightly short of Maggielurva's Stage III Magnus I was playing with sometime back. This level of reproduction is what I deem critical in reproducing the high end illusion. Also worth mentioning is the very even tonal balance, this is not a cable to be used as an "expensive tone control". The staging and imaging factor was very impressive too. It has the ability to cast a big, deep and holographic sound stage, exceeding physical wall to wall. All vocals and instruments had an convincing "air" around them and their own placement within the sound stage. Some other cables tend to spotlight the center stage, leaving the back end and extreme sides of the staging seemingly a little faded, but not the Telos GR interconnects. The back end and extreme sides of the staging all have their own spotlights, so to speak.

Telos Golden Reference XLR Interconnect

Using all at once : With all the Telos components in used, there was a fundamental change to my system's sonic presentation. It was as if I have upgraded to a bigger pair of speakers and opened up to a bigger room. Bass was tight, full and seemed to dive an octave deeper. Mids are very fluid and open. the highs are extended, delicate, even airy, but never sweetened. Music comes across as very lively and energetic. The Telos GR powercord, when used to power my CD player was noted to be subjectively louder than before, this effect was however, reduced once the Telos GR interconnects were used in tandem. One thing worth mentioning is when most drums are recorded as placed in the back end of the stage, the kick drums always seems a little lacking of energy, the Telos combo, I feel, rightfully restores that feeling of energy, however, it is not to construed as standing out on it's own. It's never distracting, just as in live concerts(remember those Hard Rock Cafe performances?).

Summing up : The Telos components justly retains all the system's strength, namely, warmth, harmonic richness and subtle delicacy. It improves upon in the areas of bass, transparency, tunefulness and most convincing staging and imaging. I had a wonderful time re-discovering some past favorites and new music while the Telos stuff are in my system. I am not sure what they'll do in other systems as they are pretty truthful to source, but they sure fit in to my system like hand in gloves!

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