August 1, 2009

Up,Up to the Sky - Part II

This is an old post of ours in the blog we previously contributed to.

I have not listened to my system for 2 days due to work commitment. I fired it up again yesterday and was pleasantly surprised with the changes. My, my, the occasional brightness that I noted earlier was gone, and the mid bass took on some more weight. I got back almost all of the bass weight that I enjoyed before. An even better thing was that the bass now presented even more details, with speed and impact that was approaching the bass performance of higher grade disc spinners (like Esoteric SA60 and Audionet ART G2) when they were coupled to my previous cables. Pairing the Sky with these high performance players should prove to be an ‘ear-opener’, but alas, they were no longer with me.

I believe the DBS on the AQ Sky worked, because it was the only additional thing that was ‘on’ in my system for the last 2 days (as usual, the CD player and monoblocks were in standby and the pre-amp was always on). I don’t know whether this means that the DBS has fully charged the dielectric, let’s see whether there will be further changes, we should know in the next few days.

There were other improvements – I was already happy with the Sky’s performance during the first listen, but apparently they still had something up their sleeves. I was listening to 2V1G, and it slowly dawned on me that the disc has never played with such conviction in my system. On Winnie’s ‘Coming Home’ (track 1), the improvement in midrange and treble transparency allowed all the nuances in her singing through vividly. Her angst and yearnings on this track was so clearly conveyed that its impact was almost overwhelming. I have never experienced this level of emotional intensity from this track before in my system. Impressive performance, impressive recording!

Next up, I’d probably try some dynamic stuff and see where that leads.

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