August 16, 2009

Why We Write HiFi?

Odiosleuth and my self have been writing about our passion for good sound and hifi equipment for about a year now. Unlike for profit oriented publications catering to the industry in general, we seem to do so free a.k.a. no income, in fact we do spend quite a bit of expenses on getting around to visit dealers and aspiring to buy better still cameras, so that our picture quality on the blog will, hopefully be improved too. Our main motivation is that we get to play with all the latest gear that we can't quite possibly afford.

I think to a certain extend, our tireless efforts and passion to do something about the hobby that we live and breath for, is mostly influenced by a fellow senior blogger whom has been in the scene for a long, long time now, he is maggielurva of Besides the said blog, he has previously set out a few other ventures to contribute to the industry that we love to spend our hard earned cash on. We are inspired by his selfless act to do something about the declining fortunes of high end audio. We will strive to continue his crusade here in this blog as we too, believe in promoting high end audio to a wider audience.

My point??? I want more people to enjoy high end audio. More friends that we can play with. Think about it, as with most other hobbies, it's not much fun playing alone. Much better to have a few like minded fellas to journey along with towards the promised land of sonic nirvana. Guys that you can have beer or a cuppa with and share each other's joys and sorrows along the way. As they say, the more, the merrier the party.

And hopefully, with higher market volumes, maybe, just a very wishful thinking maybe, the prices of quality hifi gear, would be somewhat more affordable to the new participants. At the end of the day, we want you, the music lover/audiophile to get the best deals from your hifi dealer/manufacturer. The trick is bargain hard, real......hard!

PS: If you actually believed all that I have written above, you're pretty gullible, he!he! Our true motivation for writing about hifi is just for the high end toys that we get to play with, that's all. Did you really, for a moment think we're hifi saints???

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