May 23, 2010

10 Pre & Post Purchase Comments For the PMC Fact 8.

The PMC Fact 8, my controversial speaker choice, if my buddies and fellow audiophools are to be believed.

Since the PMC Fact 8 entered service in to my hifi system, word had gotten out(even before the review was posted) and many were already knocking on my door step, keen to find out for them selves if the PMC Fact 8's good sound is "fact or fiction". I've never had so many "keen" visitors to my audio cave before. The audiophile habit of post audition diagnostic discussion culture is alive and well, based on the feed back(there's always feed back, intentional or other wise!) I got from the (sparkling or perhaps, sour) grape vine. They range from highly supportive of my purchase to short of saying that I've made a huge purchase mistake.

I have compiled here, the top 10 comments I got from people who loved the Fact 8 and the equal amount of detractors who loathed it. I taught the contrast of opinions are rather hilarious, especially the contrasting remarks about Diana Krall!

10 comments in support buying the PMC Fact 8.

1) It's the best I've heard from your system sound so far.

2) It makes "live" recorded music come alive!

3) I am not sure if your system did the Fact 8 justice or other wise!

4) After the Fact 8, can you go back to your Audio Physic Spark?

5) Took your system performance up a few notches.

6) The way it makes Diana Krall sounds, I can understand why you fell for the Fact 8.

7) You're practically there!

8) If you don't buy the Fact 8 after this, you've no right to continue writing about hifi!

9) The Fact 8 has every musical and hifi attributes an audiophile could ever want!

10) Clap!, clap!, clap!...........(after listening a song)

10 Comments that I have made a mistake buying the PMC Fact 8.

1) Why didn't you considered a pair of pre-owned Wilsons? Much better value for money.

2) Why not Focal Utopia BE or Sonus Faber Cremona M? Those are top brands.

3) RM$30k for these? Boy the British are sure getting greedy!

4) I expected much better sound for RM$30k.

5) For the money, you should have just stayed with the Audio Physic, seriously!

6) I thought the Thiel CS2.4 offers better sound for less cash.

7) Typical transmission line bass, lumpy.

8) This pair of speakers makes Diana Krall sound some what fat!

9) The Raidho C-2 pair certainly looks and sounds better.

10) What did you buy? PM3? PMC Ah...? Ohh..........(boring....)

As with all other things typically hifi, one man's meat is surely another man's poison, that's the reality! The PMC Fact 8 speakers certainly split opinions right in the middle, among those whom have heard it and some who has never but has chosen to write it off any way. Others have never even heard of PMC as a hifi loud speaker brand(PMC Marketing Dept, take note!). He! He!

Disclaimer: No busty egos, fragile emotions and most importantly, hifi friendships were harmed in the process of writing this article(I hope, fingers crossed).


maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

bro, too much objectivity and openness into accepting others' criticism, constructive or otherwise, can kill you. it doesn't make you generous or open minded. why do you even bother about what others think?

life's too short not to be self-centred, self-loving and self-assured.

i am the one who made comment #9, the good one. and i mean every word of it!

mikelau.2 said...

Big E,

A hilarious post, fun to read.

Takes a BIG person to write what you have written.

You are above hifi. Good for you.


Big E said...


Thanks for your supporting words. I highly respect your hifi opinion over the years and am not easily affected by visitor comments.


I am glad you find the diference in opinions as humourous as I did.

Thanks for the kind words.

You're a great hifi buddy indeed.